The day starts nicely enough. The sun’s shining, your guests start arriving, bottles of fizzy things are popping open, and you’re confidently firing up the barbecue - which you promised you’d learn how to use months ago, but never really got round to.

Soon everyone’s buttering rolls, bringing out the condiments, and getting just the right side of hungry… but, there’s no sign of any food, only an acrid smell of burning and some choice language filling the air.

Cut to three hours later, and the sausages are finally ready! Well, they’re burnt on the outside, and a worrying shade of pink in the middle… but never mind, everyone’s already filled up on crisps. Trying to ignore the grimacing faces, you start to hand out the burgers - but they’re somehow stone-cold, brick-hard and undercooked, and anyway, everyone’s eaten the rolls in desperation and the once-delicious salads have drowned in their own dressings.

And then, the inevitable downpour, as everyone rushes into the house and the flames you’ve been nurturing for hours are extinguished along with everyone’s hope of getting a decent bite to eat… 

If this sounds all too familiar to you, don’t worry: it doesn’t have to be like this. Yes, quality of ingredients is important, but the best, most effective way of making sure you host a brilliant barbecue starts with the barbecue itself. If you’re hoping to make the most of getting together with friends and family this summertime, then invest in a decent model today. By the time the longer days roll in you’ll be cooking with gas - and doing it correctly!

Invest in quality

Put simply, cooking on a sub-standard machine will produce sub-standard results, which is why we always recommend investing in a long-lasting, well-designed model. Broil King barbecues come with a range of features which have been designed to improve your cooking experience, and help you navigate away from all the usual issues - burnt outsides, undercooked middles, patchy uneven cooking, and dry meat. 

Let technology do the work

Made from die-cast aluminium, the Broil King ovens provide excellent heat retention. The cast iron cooking grids are reversible, so you can use one side to get those perfect grill marks, and the other, grooved, side to capture juices for basting whilst cooking. The easy-to-read thermometer has a deep-reaching probe, giving you an accurate temperature reading and ensuring cooking perfection, and thanks to an electric ignition you’ll be able to get started quickly and easily - which is a lifesaver for many people.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, their patented Flav-R-Wave cooking system ensures equal heat distribution and vaporises drippings for that delicious, authentic barbecue flavour - and a perfectly, evenly cooked burger. 

Practice makes perfect

As the nation begins to emerge from lockdown, we’re expecting barbecues to fly off the shelves, so make sure you get yours in good time so you can learn how to use it, and perhaps do a couple of practice turns as the days begin to get warmer. The same goes for making sure you’re stocked up with everything you’re going to need, including patio gas, wood chips or any accessories, to avoid any last-minute panic.

Happy grilling season, when it comes!