Hands up if you remember Arthur Fowler's allotment in the early days of EastEnders? They've come a long way since the 80s, no longer the preserve of flat-capped mature gents in falling-down sheds.

Demand for allotments is growing in the UK, especially among younger people, and what better way to celebrate than National Allotment Week from 8 - 14 August 2022!

Depending on where you live in Scotland, you can either apply to rent an allotment from your local council or approach local allotment associations directly. 

As well as growing vegetables and fruit, some people even use amazing allotments to rescue battery hens.

National Allotment Week 2022

National Allotment Week celebrates how important allotments and other open spaces are for you and your local community. Allotments have many benefits, like bringing people together and uniting them through a shared love of low-cost, healthy fresh fruit and vegetables, physical exercise and social interaction.

Allotments are a valuable resource and both you as individuals and as community groups take immense pride in their upkeep and produce. Allotment holders are often active in the local community too.

Create your own mini eco-system

An allotment is also your own mini eco-system, with its complex web of plants, micro-organisms, fungi, insects and animals that not only produces food but also supports eco-system services such as pollination and offers a refuge for wildlife in urban areas. This is a great way to get everyone down on the allotment and working towards the preservation of insects in the UK. 

Allotment accessories uk: DeWaldens Garden Centre

We have some of the best allotment tools, allotment essentials, and allotment kit at DeWaldens Garden Centre - for beginners and allotment aficionados alike! Here's a quick snapshot for you:


Image of the Gardena Combisystem Plastic Fan Rake XXL, available at DeWaldens Garden Centre.


Gardena Combisystem Plastic Fan Rake XXL

Thanks to the extremely large working width of 77 cm, the GARDENA combisystem Plastic Fan Rake XXL rake is great for gathering leaves, grass cuttings, aerated material and other debris in a time-saving manner.  Exactly what you need to keep your allotment looking fine!


 Kent & Stowe Garden Life Dutch Hoe

This perfectly-sized Garden Life Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe is the lighter and more compact version of the full size Dutch Hoe to help with weeding, eliminating the need to bend. This hoe is practical and easy to use and gives increased manoeuvrability around the allotment. Ideal for gardeners that might struggle with heavier tools and is also great for tighter spaces!

Image of the Darlac Expert Bypass Pruner, available at DeWaldens Garden Centre.


Darlac Expert Bypass Pruner

A top-of-the-range ergonomically designed pruner of exceptional quality from DeWaldens Garden Centre. Unlike most pruners with a large cut capacity, this one has slim profile handles, offering greater comfort even for small hands. Drop forged for strength and durability with replaceable parts available. Extra deep sap groove and SK5 carbon steel blade for a razor sharp edge.

Image of the Gardena Classic Hand Trowel, available at DeWaldens Garden Centre.

Gardena Classic Hand Trowel

The GARDENA Classic Hand Trowel is an essential for planting and transplanting in your allotment. The ergonomically shaped handle fits perfectly in the hand and is angled at the end to prevent slipping. 


Image of the Gardman Foldaway Kneeler, available at DeWaldens Garden Centre.


Gardman Foldaway Kneeler

Our Foldaway Garden Kneeler is a dual function gardener’s kneeler as well as a seat - perfect for those allotment days and saving the old knees! Use as a seat when upright and use down as a kneeler with arm rests.