Shop Christmas Decorations for Gardens

Bring the Christmas spirit to your neighbourhood with our range of Christmas decorations for gardens. From bright LEDs to charming wreaths lights, we have plenty of outdoor decorations to light up your garden with festive joy!

High-Quality Artificial Christmas Trees

At DeWaldens Garden Centre, we offer the perfect Christmas tree to suit your decor, whether it's a decorated, pre-lit, fibre optic, or LED. Our high-quality artificial trees will bring joy to your holiday season for years to come. Starting from 80cm, all the way to 12 feet – our size options suit homes of all sizes and proportions.

Christmas Lights & Decorations

We offer a fantastic selection of Christmas lights and decorations to help decorate your tree and bring some sparkle and shine to your home for the holidays. From tree-topping angels to enchanting fairy lights, we've got your festive décor needs covered in style.

Shop For Christmas Decorations Online

DeWaldens Garden Centre is proud to serve Ayrshire as a premier destination for Christmas trees, lights and decor. Shop online & in-store today and discover our exceptional range of high-quality Christmas products.

  • Do you sell Christmas garden decorations?

    Yes, we offer a great selection of Christmas garden decorations, including lights, inflatables and more. All of our garden decorations are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

  • Are LED Christmas lights energy-efficient?

    Yes, LED Christmas lights are highly energy-efficient, using significantly less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs while providing bright, long-lasting illumination.

  • Are there any eco-friendly Christmas decoration options?

    Yes, you can find eco-friendly decorations made from sustainable materials like wood, fabric, and recycled materials, reducing environmental impact. Artificial Christmas trees are also regarded as being eco-friendly choices, as they reduce the amount of pine trees cut down each year.