The DeWaldens Garden Centre Christmas & Seasonal Shop is sparkling with xmas decorations for home and garden and here's a pick of our Christmas decor and Christmas decorations UK - yup, we deliver UK-wide folks, and fast! 

Xmas decorations for the home and Christmas decorations for the garden will help you turn your abode into a Christmas cracker of a display that will put your neighbours' efforts in the shade!

Christmas decorations for the home

Starting with Christmas decorations for the home, here goes...


The Konstsmide LED Water Lantern

The Konstsmide LED Water Lantern (snowmen and Santa scenes available in white and brown) are beautiful and unusual water lantern decorations that will look lovely and add some subtle touches to any setting, regardless of your style of decor. 

Make this one part of your Christmas decor in the home and lose yourself in thoughts of dashing through the snow or flying through the air, like in The Snowman. The cat will love them. 


The Snowtime B/O 18cm Table Top Scene with House/Family Stags will bathe any room in its lovely warming glow that won't let you forget how cosy you are all snuggled up at home over Christmas!

Such a heartwarming scene that's made even more so because of ten warm white copper wire lights that stunningly set off the silhouettes of the deer, trees, and houses. 


Straits LED Santa Sleigh Silhouette Ornament


The Straits LED Santa Sleigh Silhouette Ornament is available in beautiful silver, gold or red. One supplied, the colour will be chosen at random, but all of them are truly lovely when illuminated and a must-have for your Christmas home decor. 

These work really well in smaller spaces that you might feel are lacking some Christmas cheer!

 Luxa Rainbow Starburst Pyramid


In this Luxa Rainbow Starburst Pyramid, the LEDs inside are multi-coloured — red, blue, green and yellow. 

The Starburst effect is all these colours overlapping and blending together as the points of light swirl around inside the Pyramid - looks like there's a firework display going off, or like aliens have arrived!

And all mounted within a polished silver steel frame that's really quite cool. 

Christmas decorations for the garden

Time to delve into Christmas decorations for the garden!

Premier 90cm Lit Soft Acrylic Snowman


The Premier 90cm Lit Soft Acrylic Snowman is a jolly snowman that brings his own brand of Christmas charm to your outdoor Xmas display in your front or back garden, or other outdoor space .

He stands at 90cm high with 80 LED lights, so you can't miss him!


Premier Christmas Door Set (Outdoor) Pre-Lit Trees, Wreath & Garland!



Give your front door the grandest Christmas treatment with this Premier Christmas Door Set (Outdoor) Pre-Lit Trees, Wreath & Garland!

It contains everything you need to dress up your doorway and give your visitors the very best festive welcome - all in matching alpine green foliage, pre-lit with warm white LED bulbs!

Start as you mean to go on in the rest of the house!

Snowtime Black Micro Dot Tree is a modern LED



The Snowtime Black Micro Dot Tree is a modern LED tree is actually suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

This unique festive lighting feature is sure to create a wow factor to any garden space or home interior,  bringing a sense of class, calm and serenity to your festive display.

This one's sure to be a talking point when all the Christmas family smalltalk dries up!

Snowtime 51cm Acrylic Penguin Holding Lights 


The Snowtime 51cm Acrylic Penguin Holding Lights is a 51cm cute penguin holding a string of lights - perfect for your outdoor Christmas display.

Everyone will love this cute addition to your festive garden decorations - he's just too adorable not be loved by the whole family and lit up year after year! 

More goodies in our Seasonal & Christmas Shop!