What kind of garden centre would we be if we didn’t offer you some gardening tips every now and again and in this blog we turn our spotlight on preparing your garden for spring.


We bet it can’t come soon enough for some of you. 


A stitch in time saves nine, and getting the preparation work in as early as possible will mean you reap the rewards later on. We hope this set of guidelines is fun and that you'll enjoy getting your hands dirty once again but if you don't, we’ve got gloves for that - plus a whole lot of other garden care and garden tools besides.



Enjoy preparing your garden for spring 


Some people spring to the gym but don’t forget that gardens are also great ways to boost your mental and physical well-being, so enjoying preparing your garden for spring is our first tip. There are such fantastic mental health benefits to gardening.



The big clean 


Preparing your garden for spring can't really help but involve the big clean. Collecting any dead leaves and stalks is a big part of this and the Gardena Combisystem Plastic Fan Rake XXL  will be a big help to clear away all the detritus that can be prolific in bacteria that could effect your plants.


You might want to swill down your patio or decking but watch that you don’t use cleaning products that may be toxic to plants. Algon Organic Path Patio and Decking Cleaner Concentrate 2.5L will do the trick!


It's likewise important to keep your garden tools clean and free from germs. Shears will need to be sharpened and oiled or you might need to invest in a new set. 


Feeding your lawn needn't be a big yawn


Ahead of spring is a good time to feed your lawn and Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 is just the job! Your lawn will be greener in one week, the moss will blacken and can then be easily raked out, and weeds will be killed within three to five weeks.


Raking your lawn to remove debris and dead grass cuttings will allow it to breathe and prevent it from becoming waterlogged.


Go potty for pots and planters


Constantly changing and evolving your pots is a great way of livening up a space or adding a splash of colour to your garden ahead of the most colourful season. How about one of these Elho Green Basics GrowPot?  From tiny seeds or cuttings to grown-up plants, with this growing pot there's a match for any size of vegetables, herbs or fruit.


Have a Compost party


Once all your sweeping and raking is all done and dusted, you can put much of it in the composter. Turning over the compost pile to reveal the bottom layer is a great idea because it makes an excellent mulch.  If you don’t have this luxury, then get some compost from us!


Seeds, seeds, seeds


Now is the time to start ordering your seeds in and we have seeds and seed potatoes that are now available to buy online at DeWaldens Garden Centre.  Some vegetables can be sown now undercover, and Greenhouses and windowsills are perfect for preparing your containers for propagating.



Re-potting plants


Certain plants might need re-potting in order to ready them for spring, moving to a more protected area of the garden or trimming stems to encourage new growth.


Soil and weeds


Weeds will have been doing their thing unchecked all winter long and you might need the Resolva Xpress 24Hr Weedkiller Power Pump to make the job of ridding your garden of them a bit easier. 

Rake over your soil to maintain airflow. New topsoil is also a good idea when you are getting your garden ready for spring.


Wicker up


Plastic, wood or wicker - your garden furniture is going to need a bit of pre-spring love and some warm soapy water, while wooden furniture might also need some wood oil to seal it.


Net advantage 


Birds and other animals will be drawn to your fruit trees and bushes but you can cover them with protective netting like Grow It Protective Fruit & Crop Netting and provide birds with a bird feeder instead.