A fibre optic Christmas is a happy, glitzy, magical Christmas and here’s the pick of the crop from DeWaldens. Fibre optics tick the instant Christmas décor box too because all you have to do is unbox and enjoy if you don't have time to decorate a tree the old-fashioned way. 

Cosmos Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

The Cosmos Fibre Optic Christmas Tree is a lovely fibre optic tree with colour changing LED star decorations for added sparkle that bring starry starry nights into your home without fitting a retractable roof. Perfect for instant Christmas decor and pizazz!

Siberian Fibre Optic Christmas Tree 

The Siberian Siberian Fibre Optic Christmas Tree creates an icy cool atmosphere in your home for all lovers of blue and ice white LEDs - a stylish fibre optic addition to your Christmas decor that's a lot classier and more sensible than opening the fridge door!

Shatchi Fibre Optic Tree With Butterfly LED Lights 

The Shatchi Fibre Optic Tree With Butterfly LED Lights is truly unique. Lovely colourful butterflies with LEDs make this a really stunning tree and as Dolly Parton sang, love is like a butterfly, and seeing as Christmas is about sharing the love, you really do need this tree!

Galaxy Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

Bring the galaxy into your home without inviting Professor Brian Cox over for a sausage roll with this stunning Galaxy Fibre Optic Christmas Tree complete with flashing, fibre optic colour changing LEDs and a star decoration on top.

Victoriana Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

Save time on decorating with the Victoriana Fibre Optic Christmas Tree that blends the traditional and modern so well. Featuring stunning fibre optic colour changing lights and wee lantern decorations that might make you crave some figgy pudding or a spot of Dickens, topped off with a beautiful star on top!

Premier 1.5m Slim Flashing Fibre Optic Tree

This Premier 1.5m Slim Flashing Fibre Optic Tree will slide into the tiniest nooks and crannies to  ensure that every last square inch of your home screams fibre optic festive glitz thanks to DeWaldens!