Looking to bring that festive feeling to your home and garden - but not sure where to start? Find inspiration in the most popular products from our Christmas Shop  

As this strange year draws to a close, it feels like everyone is looking for a bit of festive cheer - but what that means for your house and garden depends on your Christmas personality. Do you love that warm, cosy Christmas feeling of glowing candles, handmade touches, and a liberal amount of comfy cushions? Or are you more of a party person, adding a whole lot of pizzazz with twinkling lights and sparkling decorations? Or maybe you like your house to shout Christmas from every corner and go for both?

Fortunately, we have everything you need to get your home and garden looking - and feeling - just right. To get your inspiration flowing, here are some of the all-time best-sellers from each section of our Christmas Shop. Why not make a cup of tea and take a good rummage around? There’s so much to choose from!

Snowtime Norway Spruce Porch Tree

One of your favourite artificial trees, the Norway Spruce Porch Tree not only looks beautiful, with its warm white LEDS - but comes pre-lit and ready to decorate, saving you valuable minutes at this busy time of year. At 4 foot, it’s the perfect addition to smaller spaces, such as a porch or hallway.

Snowtime LED Icicle Lights

We absolutely love these stunning icicle LED lights - and it seems you do, too! Suitable for use indoors and out, these are the ultimate accessory in transforming your home with light. Available in warm and ice white, ice white, or electric blue, and with a range of spectacular effects, you can customise them to fit your vibe. Take a look at the link for a range of sizes and bulb numbers to fit your needs.

Walking And Singing Reindeer

Both children and adults will fall in love with this adorable, 37cm-tall stuffed reindeer. Not only does he look very cute, he’ll also walk around and sing a wee tune for you!

Acrylic LED Snowman

While you might not get a white Christmas, you can still have a snowman! At 90cm tall, and boasting 96 LEDs, this friendly chap will add a lot of festive fun to either an outdoors or indoors space. 

Premier Christmas Tree Storage Bag

This Christmas tree storage bag is a best-seller for a reason! This is one of those items that, once you’ve got one, you’ll wish you did it years ago. If you end up flinging your decorations into far-flung corners of the attic each year, despite your best promises, this will solve all your problems. Big enough to store an artificial tree of up to a whopping 9ft, it means you have somewhere to store all your Christmas bits in one easy place - which you’ll thank yourself for next year.