Looking for a garden water feature? With an extensive collection in stock, DeWaldens Garden Centre is the place to shop for garden water features. 

Gardens with water features just come alive somehow, not to mention being beautiful and soothing additions because of the calm feelings the sound of running water promotes. 

We've handpicked some water features for the garden for you right here so let's dive right in...

Rustic Wishing Well Water Feature

The Rustic Wishing Well Water Feature from DeWaldens Garden Centre is everything you could wish for from a water feature!

Water flows from each meticulously crafted bucket in a way that will make you feel soothed and calmed and totally tranquil! So many realistic-looking details, colours and touches to this one! 

Your garden will never be the same again once you have your own wishing well - no digging required!

Colchester Cascade Water Feature

Water features in the garden don't come much more chic and stylish than the Colchester Cascade from DeWaldens Garden Centre. 

This oval-shaped water feature boasts a calming rainfall effect in an LED-lit basin. 

This one will have the neighbours green with envy - even though ovals are said to help promote feelings of calm and all-round loveliness! 


Andria Zinc Metal Water Feature


The Andria Zinc Metal garden water feature depicts a forest silhouette that looks equally stunning by day or night because it's bathed in the warming glow of LED lights. 

Water gently flows through the centre sounding just like soothing rainfall, so you've hit the jackpot with this one if you're looking to add a touch of calm and class from a garden water feature!

Cramlington Slate Multi-Falls Water Feature

Water features for gardens don't come much more majestic than the Cramlington Slate Multi-Falls Water Feature from DeWaldens Garden Centre!

It's 120cm tall so you won't be able to miss it and it'll become a strong focal as well as talking point when you have guests over. 

LEDs add a touch more glamour to an already glamorous garden water feature!

Hamac Water Features Duck Family At Tap

Did you know that the collective term for a group of ducks when on the ground is a waddling, a badelyng or a badling?

The Hamac Water Features Duck Family At Tap from DeWaldens Garden Centre is one of the cutest water features for the garden you're ever likely to come across, as the duckings all wait their turn for a bath while one enjoys one, mother goose watching on!  

And it's made even more spectacular thanks to the addition of LED lights!

2 Fall Cascade Water Feature

As far as water features for gardens go, The 2 Fall Cascade Water Feature from DeWaldens Garden Centre has just got that touch of je ne sais quoi!

Water gently flows down illuminated by LEDs gathering in the bowl at the bottom and the contrasting textures on this one really make it come alive at night. 

The whole thing is beautifully hand-finished in polyresin, making it durable, highly detailed and low maintenance. 


Tranquil Buddha Wall Water Feature

Invite zen-like, calming energy into your back garden, outdoor or indoor space with the Tranquil Buddha Wall Water Feature!

It's packed with intricate hand-finished detailing, like the lotus at the bottom of the wall cupping sparkly LED lights.

Comes complete with a mains-powered pump and ten metres of cable so this water feature can be situated almost anywhere in your garden that chimes with your instincts and bring inner peace!