A water feature from DeWaldens Garden Centre could be just the thing your garden's been crying out for. Not only will one of our extensive range liven things up, it might also enrich your life in other ways because the sound of running water is said to promote massively positive mental health benefits, among other things. 


Water soothes the soul and a water feature gives your garden a focal point


Adding a water feature to your garden can sooth your soul. Flowing water calms the mind and revives the spirit because here’s something magical about the source of life that we all connect to at some primordial level perhaps. 
A water feature from DeWaldens Garden Centre in your garden or backyard provides you, your family and your garden guests with a focal point to gather around. That’s why lots of hotels have them: they put their guests at ease and  encourage them to come back for more!


Water brings calm in this chaotic world


Centuries of Buddhist meditation practitioners have cherished flowing water as a source of white noise that the mind can lose itself in and be calmed by. Hydrotherapy like steam baths, saunas and hot and cold compresses forms the backbone of natural medicine too. 


Bring the sound of nature to your garden


Just imagine a water feature from DeWaldens Garden Centre washing the cares and the stresses of the day away. 
You might not have the chance or the luxury of being able to walk in nature next to water and if you step into your garden and close your eyes, with a water feature you could be right next to some babbling brook, or fountain cascading down a rock face.


A water feature drowns out noise pollution

A water feature from DeWaldens Garden Centre can drown out noise pollution. While the sound of running water can help reduce stress, the sound of your neighbours in their gardens, traffic, slamming doors, music, ice cream vans, whistling, and singing doesn't do much for your stress levels. 


All of this can really grate and invade the tranquillity of your little oasis. If all of this is painting an all too real and stark a picture for you then it’s DeWaldens to the rescue, water feature style. Browse our full range here. 

Attract wildlife into your garden


Water features are a magnet for wildlife, especially birds that will love to take a bath and splash about on a hot day. This can be very cute and entertaining for us humans. 
This is you also supporting life in your little corner of the world and even more so when paired with a bird feeder from DeWaldens Garden Centre.
In conjunction with the plants in your garden, you’ll help bring harmony to the habitat around you and to the eco-system. 


Water features can always also be a drinking fountain for your pets, keeping them cool on those hot summer days and enabling them to spend more time outdoors.


Water features look great in gardens great and small

Water features from DeWaldens Garden Centre come in all different shapes and sizes so they suit gardens great and small. From backgards to bigger gardens, a water feature only enhances a space spectacularly.
You can tuck a water feature into an area of your property that previously seemed like dead or wasted space. It’s those awkward and ill-fitting nooks and crannies that are often the perfect spots for a water feature actually. They can create what used to be a overlooked spot into a new focal point in your garden.


A water feature is more low maintenance than a pond and sustainable too

Negative ions emitted by flowing water attract dust particles and carry out purification of the air, so air quality is greatly improved by adding a water feature to your garden. 


The process of evaporation of water leads to formation of vapours that help filter the air and reduce air pollution and improve air quality. It can also reduce ambient temperature by 20 – 25° F.
A water feature is not a pond. It’s far more low maintenance. You can get water, texture, natural sounds and a visual engagement by simply unboxing it and setting it up and then you’re ready to go!

The water in these features essentially recirculates, so they don’t use much water or grow much bacteria, plus a pond-less water feature is also great for families with young children because they don’t pose safety risks.


Feng Shui says running water brings wealth


The ancient Chinese study of Feng Shui teaches that flowing water attracts wealth, and that running water features should be kept clean.


While a dripping tap represents wasted money slowly dripping out of your pockets, an efficiently flowing water feature symbolises new opportunities flowing into your life!