June is here and with a little care and attention, you can create a gorgeous summer garden - it's easy when you know how!

Here are some essential tips courtesy of us lovely lot at DeWaldens Garden Centre to keep your garden looking beautiful all summer long!


Lawns start looking browner during the summer months and you'll find a wide range of lawn care products at DeWaldens Garden Centre

This might be due to cutting the lawn too low, causing shallow rooting, thereby making the lawn more susceptible to drought and a mossy build ups. Our tip is to start high from the first cut of the year, gradually working down to your desired height. Make sure to slowly work back up to a higher level in early autumn.


Weeds are a reality even in the most well-kept gardens and as the temperature soars, so do the weeds.

We have a selection of great weedkillers at DeWaldens Garden Centre  but you might also apply mulch or try weeding after a rain shower when the soil is moist.


You can shop many types of fertilisers at DeWaldens Garden Centre  and even the healthiest gardens use some type of fertiliser because most soil doesn't provide an adequate amount of nutrients that plants and flowers require.

A mid-summer application to boost the colour and condition during the hottest months is a wonderful idea!


Early morning or late evening when it is still cool is the best time to get the hose or the watering can out. This allows the water to run down into the soil and reach the roots of the plant without too much excess water lost to evaporation.

Harvest your fruit and veg

Summer is the time to harvest all that lovely fruit and veg you've been growing - beetroot, peas, carrots, potatoes, strawberries!  Picking and freezing herbs so you can use them over winter is another snazzy idea. 


Early summer is pruning time for spring-flowering shrubs. Prune off growth down to an outward facing bud that has finished flowering, plus any damaged or crossing branches within the shrub should be removed either to suitable growth or completely.

Bedding plants

If you didn't have time to plant out your tender bedding plants, like Petunia, in May, there's still time to get them into the ground or their new containers as soon as you can in June. Make sure to place them in good light!

Regular deadheading will keep them looking fresh and neat and you'll soon realise what a great investment bedding plants from DeWaldens Garden Centre are!