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Buy Chempak Near Glasgow

Chempak Soluble Plant Foods are designed to fulfil the precise demands of professional growers and top-tier horticultural exhibitors.

As well as the popular Chempak tomato feed and the Chempak No 4 High Potash feed, we also stock gardening aids like high nitrogen feed and calcium fertiliser.

These plant foods encompass seven vital trace elements, a significant bonus compared to regular soluble fertilisers. These trace elements contribute to the promotion of robust and thriving plant growth.

At DeWaldens Garden Centre, we sell a wide variety of Chempak fertilisers and plant foods online and in-store. Whether you’re looking for a specific formula or a fully balanced formula, there’s something for everyone in our collection.

Shop premium plant foods at affordable prices today.

  • Why Choose Chempak Plant Feed?

    Using ChemPak can help ensure that your plants have access to the nutrients they need in the right proportions. This can lead to healthier and more vigorous growth, with larger leaves, more abundant flowers, and increased fruit production.

  • What Is High-Nitrogen Plant Feed Good For?

    Plants in their early growth stages, such as seedlings, young transplants, and newly established plants, can greatly benefit from high-nitrogen plant feed. These fertilisers help establish a strong foundation of robust stems and healthy leaves, aiding future growth and development.

  • What Does Calcium-Rich Fertiliser Do?

    A calcium-rich fertiliser ensures that plants have a sufficient supply of calcium, which is essential for structural integrity, root development, nutrient transport, cell growth & more. With the aid of calcium, plants can grow faster and stronger.