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Westland Organic Farmyard Manure
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Westland Organic Farmyard Manure 60L

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Westland Organic Farmyard Manure is a natural source of organic matter which enriches tired soils and builds fertility so higher crop yields can be produced.

Westlands Organic Farmyard Manure will also help your flowers have abundant healthy blooms and is an ideal soil conditioner.

One of the secrets to success in the garden is to keep the garden soil in good health. It supports the growth of plants by providing a healthy environment around the plant roots and releasing vital nutrients to the plants as they grow. A depleted or poor soil soon reflects upon the health and vigour of the plants, but is easily rectified by incorporating plenty of rich organic matter.

Westlands Organic Farmyard Manure is a great choice for vegetable gardens and organic gardens and feeds the soil as well as the plants.

Can be used as a soil improver for depleted soils, to condition the soil where you intend to plant trees and shrubs or other heavy feeders or as a winter mulch on bare areas of the vegetable garden.

To apply, all you have to do is use it as it is required around the garden.