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Vitax Yellow SulphurPowder - 225g

A traditional, proven treatment for powdery mildew on many fruit, vegetable and flowering plants, including gooseberry, chrysanthemum, cineraria, cucumber, delphinium, ornamental hop, hyacinth, marrow, pea, rose and strawberry. It is suitable for both outdoor and greenhouse use.

Vitax Sulphur will also protect bulbs, corms and tubers against storage rot, including Penicillium rot in gladioli and Schlerotina rot in dahlia.

Directions for use: 

Vitax Yellow Sulphur can be applied as a tonic, either puffed firectly onto foliage or the soil around the base of the plant. 

Do not use on red or white currants. Certain varieties of apple, pear, gooseberry and ornamentals are known to be sensitive to sulphur.  May cause a taint to preserves or wine where fruit is treated close to harvest.

  • Traditional plant nutrient and soil acidifier
  • Encourages strong, healthy growth
  • Can be used as a soil conditioner for acid loving plants
  • Essential for efficient protein production
  • 225g